The aim of the game is to collect as many points as possible.
Time is only relevant as a possible tiebreaker.
The game begins when you first log in!
At the end, a password must be entered to complete the game!

Players need a phone per team, a software for reading QR codes and internet access.
Each team receives an envelope with materials: badges, a set of rules, a text matrix, and logging data.
Please read the rules carefully!
Check your phone battery!
Check the app (there are 2 test codes on the game rules page)!

The start of the game will be considered the time of the first login to The end of the race will be considered the time of the last answer, from the last location (do not forget to ask for the last password)!
All team members are required to go through the route together.
Travel along the routes is done on foot. It is totally forbidden to run! The penalty for running is 50 points!
You may not touch the QR codes; please do not destroy the game elements! Participants must have adequate, civilized behavior.
Participants may ask passers-by for directions, they can view information material and / or maps.
Participants agree to be photographed or filmed during the game.


One correct answer per location: 20 points (maximum 15x20 = 300 points)
Joker: 15 points (maximum 10x15 = 150 points)
Photo riddle: 20 points (maximum 10x20 = 200 points)
The Clown: 30 points


Wrong answer to a question - 5 points
Running on the route - 50 points
Team with missing members - 5 points / member